Use this tool to calculate the Critical Amino Acid Value (CAAV) for a sample of whole soybean or soybean meal. Input the data of the sample and click the calculate button, and the CAAV value will be displayed. If you wish to save and compare your data, create an account and log in. After you create your account, you will be asked to activate your account via email. Once you have activated and logged in to your account, you may compare your data and view the averages and see the calculated CAAV value of each sample you submitted and email the results to yourself.

If you do not wish to save your data, simply click the Reset button and enter the new data as you did previously. If you wish to have your whole soybean or soybean meal samples tested using a NIRS machine (Near-infrared spectroscopy), please click here.


Once you calculate an entry, the results graph will show here.